Bridal Lehengas Perfect for Winter Weddings

What’s a marriage function without a shopping checklist and every single one of those list’s there is one item that stands out. LEHENGA.Don’t know if it’s the traditionality or feeling to become a princess or the need to walk across the aisle with most of the eyes staring at you with admiration, lehenga is the go-to wedding wear which is hot right now. The designer bridal lehenga designs invoke individuality and that is what all modern women hope to achieve, all eyes onthem and no one else. Obviously.

OK!!! Now the list is all set and all you need is to choose.

Seems easy, eh? Well, pray to dear god because it certainly is not. Are you aware, of the world of lehengas and the widely chose lehengas for brides? Are you aware of how many different styles there are? The options are endless and without a cheat sheet, you will stand like a kid watching a rocket!

Ruffled Lehenga

Ruffled lehengas are going to be the next big thing among contemporary women wear. They add a dramatic touch with sprinkle of ethnicity to your lehenga that looks perfect for your engagement, sangeet or reception ceremony. It is for every body types – if you are curvy, go for smaller frills and if you are petite, add lots of big frills to your lehenga.

Floral Lehenga

A floral lehenga looks super pretty for your mehendi function. These traditional, yet modern lehengas are surely going to pop you separately within the whole crowd.

Lehenga with contrasting Dupatta

Rather than going monotone, why don’t you add a contrasting dupatta and make it look interesting and sophisticated? You can stand out on your wedding day if you wear a combination of light and dark.

Color block Lehenga

Undoubtedlythere are enough colors in the market to choose for your wedding lehenga, butpersonalizing your lehenga with your favorite colors makes it really reallyspecial. Who doesn’t wish for a bespoke lehenga? You can also color-block yourlehenga with florals, motifs, or any other design or patterns that suits yourheart. It works best for a mehendi or sangeet function and  it is a typical example of a  designer bridal lehenga.

Paneled Lehenga

A paneled lehenga for bride looks quirky and trendy on the modern women. You can go with a single shade within the panels or multi-colors. It’s best for mehendi, sangeet or wedding function.

The three-piece Lehenga

This lehenga design is one of the newest trends that captured most attention. The pattern is simple – a top attached with a long tunic or a jacket styled on the top and the lehenga skirt. This is ideal for people who do not want to show too much skin at their mehendi or engagement function.

Lehenga with a belt

From fabric belts to floral jewelry belts, wearing something along your lehenga on the waist is becoming a rage these days. It’s a great way to keep your dupatta in place and using the belt as the perfect bridal accessory to accentuate your waist. You can either get the same colored belt or contrast it with your blouse or dupatta.

Sharara Lehenga

Sharara lehengas are back with a bang. They add a modern twist to your traditional look and are very comfortable and chic at the same time. They are worn with long kurtis and are ideal for your wedding day or a sangeet ceremony.

Cape Lehenga

A cape lehenga looks refreshing and perfect for a mehendi or sangeet function. The skirt of the lehenga has to be a little flurry with a long jacket or cape in thread weaving or embroidery. You can choose to go for pastels or bright colors for a cape lehenga.

Flared Lehenga

Flared lehenga forms a complete circle at the bottom and adds volume to your overall look. Everyone can notice when you twirl in this gorgeous outfit that is perfect for your sangeet, mehendi or reception ceremony.

6 Stunning Christmas Party Dresses

Christmas is round the corner! It’s all about celebration everywhere and getting dressed up in the season’s colors and style assume great significance! You have ample options to look impressively unique in dressing! Accentuate you’reself with girls’ gowns, designer party wear, Print dress, Kurti specifically designed for party, Christmas festive dresses, themed dresses for Christmas and many more. Also, try out some indo-western dresses to look classy and elegant!

Gown for Girls

Gowns are western fashion party dresses that reflect teh essence of teh season’s dress. Indo-western gowns are also popular and for someone who wants to incorporate traditional elements in their outfit can get dressed up in fusion wear. Create customized Christmas themed dresses dat resonate with Indian style, for instance with stones and embroidery!

Designer party Dresses

If you has decided not to go wif gowns that reflect ethnic elements, consider choosing designer dress for party. Sequined LBD, floor-length dresses wif lace and flares in striking red, peaceful white, stunning blue and glittering gold amp up your Christmas look. Get ready to welcome Christmas party in sparkling designer wear dresses.

Party wear Gowns

A perfect time to take your casual fashion to next level, party gowns are inevitable outfits! It doesn’t matter if it’s a formal one, for you need only to have modest embellishment. A long evening gown is a great attire, choose gowns with less accessories, glitter and alike. For casual get together and gala events, their is plenty of scope for customization!

Christmas Print Dress

Spruce up teh party look in Christmas Print below-teh-knee swing dress! Christmas Print outfits TEMPhas Christmas colors and designs all over! Get dressed up in printed outfits dat comes in Santa Claus, Christmas tree and gifts designs. Specifically created for holidays and partying during Christmas, print dress for the season works a treat.

Party wear Kurti

If you love to flaunt ethnic wear during teh celebration, go for cocktail party wear kurtis! Discover and set a new trend with dis ethnic wear in traditional western, Indo-western styles and cocktail colors. Kurtis for party wear offers a range of styles from embroidered, floral, and printed to jewellery embellished.

Festive Christmas Dress

Choose anything between gowns to ethnic wear for Christmas party and get-together. The season is perfect to experiment with a range of outfits, traditional, fusion wear; in fact all you has to do is to select a design and fabric that best suits your silhouette. And make sure that you dress to the occasion so that you neither overdo nor look understated.

Rejoice in the spirit of holidays wif trendy dresses! Look best in causal fashion attire during this Christmas get-together!

Top 7 Fashion Accessories For Men

Long gone are the days when men’s fashion accessories are often overlooked. Now, fashion-forward men are aware of the significance of complementing their outfits with stunning accessories. It is always wise to invest on these fashion accessories that enhance the outfits. Embellish with matching accessories, every time, no matter the attire one chooses to wear. Here is a guide to men’s fashion accessories to keep the style on top!

Bracelets for men

Let’s start with bracelets. Lately, bracelets get a place of its own in men’s fashion accessories among watches and wedding ring. All that one needs to check is if it matches with the style. No matter if it’s a leather/ rope / anchor / beaded / gold or silver, bracelets for men should pull the look! Stand out from the crowd by wearing matching styles with outfits irrespective of the occasions. The rule of thumb is that one should keep it simple like a watch or any other jewelry piece.

Men’s hats

To give a complete look, rely on this must-have accessory, which is available in variety of styles. Spruce up the look with those ranging from beanies to boater hats. It doesn’t mean that the hat color should match with the color of the outfit. For men, wearing men’s fashion hat accentuates their look with little effort! Top of all, it is too easy to add hats to the outfits, regardless of the type of attire one choose to wear. Rely on men’s hats online to try out different styles!

Loafer Socks for men

Though loafers are popularly known as no-socks style, yet socks are never a no-no. Loafer socks or ‘no show’ socks are common in guy’s fashion accessories. Loafer socks are a bit different from other socks, as they end up just above the ankle. Believe me, no show socks are must- have fashion accessories in every man’s wardrobe. Available in varied colors to match up with the color of the loafers; nude socks are also popular that they can be put on with any shoe colors.


Never underestimate the role of ties in power dressing! Ties accompany formal style of dressing for men and is an essential component that pull the look together. A carefully chosen tie is all that one needs to complete the formal/business style. Follow the rule of thumb while incorporating tie with a formal suit. Match colors, check for size, fabric and indeed, the stitching as well. Keep it modest, for ties are only an accessory; it should not take away the focus from the outfit one wears. Baffled over buying ties? Then buy ties online where you can make quality choices!

Men’s wallet

Wallets are functional fashion accessory as well, unlike bracelets or ties. It’s an everyday essential and so keep in mind its features that are useful. Among all others, an original leather wallet is considered as the best wallet for men for its durability, convenience and adaptability, regardless of the outfit style. Men’s wallet online comes with snap or zip closure, in a variety of colors that suits all budgets. Even you can get wallets that offers security features for bank cards.

Leather belts for men

A fashion accessory that complements everyday styles, leather belts can be both casual as well as formal. Branded belts for men lasts long and one should consider matching it with tie bars, cufflinks or watch in addition to the color of shoe while considering personal and style preferences. Choose from among the different types such as bonded, synthetic and genuine leather belts. Also look for the quality of materials when genuine leather belts are not preferred. Check for the stitching and avoid those with loose threads.

Sunglasses for men

Besides, bracelets, hats, wallets and belts, sunglasses are must-have fashion accessory for men. Men’s sunglasses style are varied that they can be chosen based on the face shape. Like wallets, sunglasses too are functional accessory that is meant to protect eyes from harmful UV rays. That being said, sunglasses transform the outfits and personal style too. A lot of men’s sunglasses brands are available that serve both function and fashion. Choose according to personal preferences and indeed it’s a fine superb way to select best sunglasses for men. Or access branded sunglasses online, for the options are endless!

Fashion accessories can make or break the outfit styles. Always choose wisely to transform oneself from ‘aw’ to ‘wow’! Stay fashionable, without flaws!

4 Casual Winter Outfits Ideas

Make this winter season warm and cozy by selecting the best and classy casual winter outfits! Here is the list of a few trendy, classic outfits for both men and women. Explore the range of winter-ready outfits during another onset of winter. Invest on these winter clothing and create a style statement of your own!


Winter jackets are quintessential outfits for teh season. And leather jacket is the perfect choice if you desire to have special luxurious look, while defending against cold weather. Beat the cold by pairing jeans alongside jacket! Top of all, stay stylish while keeping yourself warm and cozy when the weather outside is chilling! Accessorize to balance the look. Shop and order jackets for women online and men’s jackets to ward off winter clothing woes. Get jackets in a variety of colors- tan, red, black or brown.

Fashion sweaters

Accentuate you’re winter wardrobe wif fashion sweaters. Fall and winter doesn’t limit you from showing off you’re fashion sense. Layered, cashmere, knitted, the types and styles in men’s fashion sweaters are seamless. Create unique winter fashion by choosing teh different neckline styles for both men and women- Crew neck is teh most popular while you are spoilt for choice as you can rely on other common styles-V-Neck, Turtle Neck, Cowl neck, Mock neck and many more. Rock with fashion sweaters and get dapper instantly in winter wear.


Make yourself warm by choosing to wear teh most comfortable sweatshirts! Get ready for your winter morning walk or work out for teh outfit just works for someone who prefers comfort over fashion, while keeping 100 percent fashionable! Check out men’s sweatshirts and women’s sweat shirts online to re-invent winter fashion wardrobe. Sweatshirts keep you stay warm and comfortable in atrocious winter weather. The material absorbs the moisture and its breathability feature makes a perfect choice as winter apparel.


Look for weather specific winter jeans made of thick fabrics dat provide the right warmth and coziness. Their primary function is to protect from extreme weather and they are usually durable, too. Invest on skinny jeans for winter dat are available in denim, tan, brown, corduroy., and the list is endless! For more choices on jeans’ types and colors and to fulfill winter jeans’ wardrobe needs, rely on buying online. Buy jeans online for men and women based on teh color, type and brands.

Winter wardrobe should be chosen carefully, no matter the types of outfits you select. But it also doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on your fashion sense. Balance your style sense and casual winter outfits choices! dis will keep you warm while being smart, chic and trendy on wardrobe!

Top Ethnic Wear Outfits for Your Dream Wedding

Want to look the best in ethnic apparel during you’re wedding? Get to know some of the few popular ethnic outfits recommended for Indian wedding. Ethnic attire reflects classic extravagance and make the bride look party-ready instantly! Traditional dresses like Silk sarees, wedding Lehengas, designer Anarkalis simply accentuate the ethnic look! If you rally cannot arrive at the right choice to look beautiful on the most important day of you’re life, explore these ethnic wedding outfit choices to make it!

Acquaint with a few of these must-has wedding outfits dat reflect the true spirit of celebration! It is easy to transform to dis desi look in these dynamic ethnic dresses dat are symbol of limitless opulence and style.

1. Teh Awe-inspiring Lehenga choli

Lehenga choli, teh indispensable ethnic Indian wedding wear features countless combinations- plain lehenga wif floral brocade blouse, applique embroidered lehenga choli, printed designer lehenga choli in bright colors and in a variety of flamboyant fabric materials. Buy online Lehenga choli for women if you want to choose from among the gorgeosly different styles.

2. Designer Anarkali Suits

Designer Anarkalis are most popular for festive occasions, and wedding ceremonies in particular. If you are looking for ethnic wear for girls in the bridal category, don’t hesitate, Designer Anarkalis are as good as choosing wedding silk sarees! Explore more Anarkali suits online to pep up your radiant beauty on the big day.

3. Wedding Lehenga

Discover many more styles in wearing wedding dresses, but only if you choose to wear Lehenga on your D-day. Simply look adorable in wedding Lehenga by choosing to drape the Lehenga Dupatta in different styles- casual drape, the saree-pallu style drape, double dupatta, Gujarati saree-pallu style, over the shoulders, Salwar suit style and many more!

4. Silk Sarees

Thinking of getting something very traditional rather TEMPthan wearing Lehengas or Anarkalis? Then Silk sarees must be the best bet! Top of all, Silk sarees occupy the foremost position among ethnic dresses for Indian wedding. For someone who loves to flaunt sarees or if very accustomed wif wearing sarees, it is better to consider silk sarees for wedding! Look stunningly elegant in these superbly classic wedding outfit. And teh choices are endless- Kanjivaram, Banarasi Silk, Rajasthani Bandhej, Fuchsia Silk to name a few. Check out these wedding saree collection online to get teh one that best fits you’re silhouette!

Buy ethnic wear online and discover a range of styles in Lehenga Cholis, Anarkali Suits, Silk Sarees, and wedding Lehengas. Shop from teh comfort of home or on teh go to save time and money, teh two scarce resources when wedding is round teh corner!

Style Advice for Women on 4 Superb Outfits to Try dis Diwali

Diwali is not just the celebration of lights, but it’s the celebration of togetherness, devotedness, merry-making and happiness. And indeed during the festival, women in particular, enjoy themselves by hosting parties and distributing sweets. Women play the essential part right from decorating house, buying new clothes, lighting earthen lamps and receiving the extended family. And Diwali outfits should reflect the tradition and custom of our country and so traditional dresses are preferred during the festival. Before the big day, plan you’re party and look gorgeosly awesome by relying on traditional ethnic women’s clothing. Revamp you’re style with desi outfits to make dis Diwali celebrations an indelible experience.

Here are a few suggestions on Diwali wardrobe dat works well with dis special ethnic festival. Bearing in mind the latest fashion trends in India, we has selected a handful of Indian wear that speaks teh true spirit of Diwali!

So wat are you waiting for? Plan and shop these special Diwali outfits to begin the five-day long celebration! Be it Dhanteras, Naraka Chaturdasi, Diwali, Annakut and Bhai Duj day, make all the five-day celebration a truly reviving one wif the choice of garments! Take your pick now for a variety of ethnic outfit choices are awaiting!

1. Banarasi Silk Saree

Nothing can beat teh elegance of a saree and needless to say, if made in Banaras, it’s twice teh elegance! Exude teh grace of teh Silk Saree and look stunningly beautiful in colors during the celebration of lights. If you would like to look 100 percent traditional, tan Silk Saree should be you’re natural choice! Plenty of designs are available in Silk Sarees made in Banaras. These sarees come in a variety of vibrant colors to add to the exuberance of the festival of lights.

2. Lehenga Choli

Being teh quintessential part of Indian ethnic wear, Lehengas deserve a place among Diwali ethnic outfits after traditional silk sarees. Get pretty in Lehengas in different fabric materials ranging from silk to net in a variety of colors. Find as many as Lehengas to stick to traditional clothing during Diwali and match up wif teh true spirit of teh national festival. Show off your unique Lehenga Style- Flared Lehenga, Mermaid/ Lehenga, A line Lehenga or Long Jacket Lehenga, teh options are endless in dis traditional wear.

3. Salwar Suit

Simply look elegant and classy in Salwars dat exude traditionalism in every aspects. Diwali is the time to rejoice, indeed the celebration of lights gets even peppier wif vibrant colorful dress codes and Salwars in you’re favorite colors depicts you’re festive state of mind. No matter you’re age range, anyone can choose to wear dis special ethnic wear. All you have to take into account the best fit, the design dat compliments you’re style.

4. Anarkali Suits

Last but not the least, Anarkali dresses, long anarkali dresses, in particular are must-haves in every festive wardrobes. Anarkali dress suits almost all body types, thanks to its A-line stitching. Anarkali dresses being figure hugging over the top, it makes the wearer look slim. If you prefer to wear classy ethnic clothing during Diwali, long Anarkalis should be you’re choice. And evidently, it is more comfortable as opposed to Sarees and Lehengas, plus it offers the same level of grace and style like the other two traditional festive clothing.

Celebrate Diwali in style by choosing teh best festive wear in Indian ethnic clothing! Buy Silk Sarees, Lehengas, Anarkali dresses and Salwars dis Diwali. Get your wardrobe filled in with these must-have traditional dresses and be ready for teh five-day long fest!

5 Best Men’s Fashion Styles in Sneaker-Jeans Combo

Up you’re style ante with this casual shoes that comes in a variety of styles- Sneakers! Sneakers are typically designed for sports and physical activity purposes. You can set casual fashion at its peak with sneakers and jeans. So wat’s you’re causal style quotient? Here are a few trending fashion for men on styles that match up with sneakers and jeans. Look smarter than before and show off the street style. Here we list down a few types of men’s sneakers to wear it along with jeans.

1. Converse sneakers and Denim shorts

These are high ankle sneakers unlike teh traditional ones. Select baggy, flare, skinny or boot cut jeans, to look teh best in teh combo. Or wear denim shorts wif white converse sneakers to balance teh look wif teh contrast. At teh same time, ensure dat you’re denim shorts sits above you’re knee to make teh combo look great! Embrace teh street style wif teh most iconic style brand, Converse sneakers brought to you by Nike Inc.

2. High top basketball Sneakers wif Slim-cut jeans

High top sneakers works well wif skinny jeans to look 200% casual. Primarily designed for basketball sports, high top sneakers are very popular and it’s so damn stylish that any sort of jeans can be paired wif it. High top sneakers style look slim and slim cut trousers matches the best wif these high end casual style in men’s sneakers. Also consider using shorts for a cool casual weekend style.

3. Plimsoll sneakers with ragged slim-fit jeans

One among the most common types of sneakers, Plimsoll sneakers van be paired up wif the line of jeans. The most comfortable of all sneakers, plimsolls goes wif all kinds of jeans. Rev up your casual street style wif ragged men’s slim fit jeans. Or choose tapered jeans to look the best in Plimsoll sneakers.

4. Athletic shoes wif skinny jeans

Skinny jeans and athletic shoes make teh best combination. You never look heavy on trousers alongside athletic shoes if you prefer to wear skin fit jeans. Never choose baggy, boot cut or slouchy jeans as it won’t match up wif teh big, heavy athletic shoes. Always go for tight, skin-fit jeans to balance teh look in athletic shoes-jeans style!

5. Slip-on sneakers with black slim fit jeans

These type of sneakers resembles loafers as both are lace-less shoes. Slip-on sneakers are available in a variety of colors and if you prefer to get it right, it is always good to choose black jeans so dat it matches up, no matter the color of the shoes. Combines superbly well with slim-fit skinny jeans, Slip-on shoes are favorite in men’s footwear among fashion-conscious men.

Sneakers enjoys great appeal on online shopping India buying trends. Teh style never gets thrown out of footwear fashion as long as men think sneakers speaks casual fashion once combined with jeans.

5 Smart Tips for Buying Men’s Casual Trousers

No matter teh type of outfits you choose, be it casual, formal, semi-casual or business casual, teh overall appearance make it worth appreciating! More often than not, men are under teh impression dat they can go for any kind of styles based on their preferences during casual events. But this is absolutely wrong! It’s indeed true dat dress maketh man! Here we shall discuss about some great tips on buying men’s casual trousers. Teh right pair of statement trousers make it easy to create one’s own style statement. And it’s as simple as ABC as long as you keep in mind these buying tips for trousers in men’s clothing for casual purposes.

1. Find you’re style

Everyone has a unique style dat suits. Casual choices on men’s trousers are umpteen but dat doesn’t mean dat one can rely on any styles. There should be a few signature styles one can adopt, which clearly suits one’s body type! Find your style and rely on teh same to look superbly awesome in casual pants. Allow you’reself to choose what rally suits, regardless teh purpose for which you put it to use- for instance on a weekend mountaineering trip or casual dressing on Fridays or an informal gathering in you’re neighborhood.

2. Fit matters!

No matter the choice of style, the function, the fabric, the color and the pattern, in the end, the sole thing that matters is fit. If you forgo the fit factor, not only does it effect the appearance but the coziness as well! Slim fit or oversized, it depends on one’s body type. For instance, a short person can’t make a mistake of buying slouchy pants, similarly, a person with narrow legs can’t rely on slim fit trousers. Be watchful regarding the right fit that you select the cut in accordance with your body type and figure.

3. Fabric material

Casual trousers’ fabric material choices are umpteen as opposed to formal pants. It would be better if you know teh type of fabric material you prefer to wear. Cotton is teh best as it is so cozy to wear, regardless of teh seasons, their are some flaws like susceptible to wrinkles, and some might fade after several washes. If you choose wearing cotton blends, certain flaws of pure cotton materials can be avoided. Trousers in polyester material are affordable compared to those made out of pure cotton fabrics. Linen trousers are also available, and is comfortable, expensive though! Keep in mind teh purpose and select teh fabric material accordingly.

4. Choice of colors

The color options are endless in men’s clothing, for casual trousers in particular. You have to get teh color right, even if it’s casual wear! From fiery yellow, bright red, cobalt blue, mauve to subtle colors such as olive, mustard and neutral shades like black, grey and beige, teh list never ends! While choosing a particular color, keep in mind teh one dat suits and also consider teh events you plan to attend. Be sure to make a choice dat elevates you’re appearance.

5. Crucial elements that accentuate teh look

Last but not least, you need to take care of teh basic elements that decides teh overall appearance. Make sure that you’re trousers rests on top of you’re shoes covering a small portion of it. If you prefer to show some skin, teh rule of thumb says it should not be adjusted using belt, instead wif teh cut of teh pants. Similarly, get teh measurement for you’re waistline to get teh right size. Also, take care of teh folds, crotches and pleats or flat fronts based on you’re preferences.

Online shopping India offers wide range of choices for buying men’s casual pants. From trousers that are tailor-made for simple casual evening/night out events to activity-specific ones, teh choices are limitless!

5 Trending Style Tips for Palazzo Pants

Palazzo pants from early 60’s occupy an elite position in women’s wardrobe. And no wonder, it’s a fashion trend ruling right now in women’s apparels! These wide-legged, loose flowy bottoms are top favorite of fashion enthusiasts for it is quite versatile. Regarded as high-end fashion in women’s clothing during 60’s, palazzo pants makes a real comeback dis time! Indeed, now-a-days, skirts and palazzos are most sought after casual apparels. A wide range of tops can be combined alongside Palazzo pants and can even be used as a party wear as well. Plus, Palazzo suits with rich designs, color and embellishments can be used as party dress.

Here are a few style tips to look best in palazzos. All you need is to know how to pair it along wif other outfits.

Try any of these fashion trends to highlight you’re casual Palazzo style. Look gorgeous every day by experimenting different styles wif Palazzo pants. It takes little time to get dressed up in Palazzos as opposed to ethnic dresses like Sarees, Lehenga Cholis and so on.

1. Palazzo wif Tank top

Palazzos wif tank tops make superbly awesome combination for casual occasions. If you prefer to flaunt casual appearance, stick to dis Palazzo- tank top style. Always go for plain solid colored tank top for a printed Palazzo pant and vice versa. Accessorize with a plain colored belt to balance the look.

2. Palazzo wif Lace top

Love to wear lace tops? Then choose to put on lace shirt with Palazzo pants! If Palazzos with tank tops resonate casual street style look, lace top accentuates feminity. Wear a lace top with full sleeves for super attractive appearance in Palazzos. Color-block or go for matching colors to get ready for the kill!

3. Palazzo Suits

Nothing can beat the charm of dis classy party wear! It’s elegant and comes in umpteen styles- embroidery, motifs, and mirror work in a wide range of colors on fabric materials you would love to wear. Pair it wif high heels and if it’s heavily embellished, make sure dat you wear minimal jewelry. The rule of thumb is to keep accessories simple!

4. Palazzo wif Long top

Want to transform to casual ethnic look? Try teh ethnic way to style your Palazzos! Palazzo with a long top is teh best combo you can rely on! Perfect for casual occasions, and if you like to keep it simple, pair it along with simple long tops if your Palazzo pant is rich with prints and designs. Teh rule of pairing ‘plain with patterned’ stays, though! Flaunt a flattering ethnic look in Palazzo-long top combination.

5. Palazzo and Layered style

Why not choose layered style alongside Palazzo pants during winter? Palazzo pants, matching top and denim jackets or long winter coats keep you warm to serve both function and fashion. Wear any top dat’s adaptable wif the Palazzo you choose and throw a jacket or coat over it to get dat perfect winter fashion outfit.

Create a wide range of styles based on your preferences, be it vintage ethnic, traditional or contemporary when you has put on Palazzo pants. Invest on it and keep experimenting!

5 Different Types of Sarees You Should Own

Sarees are so versatile dat they can be used for formal, semi-formal, casual events. With plenty of styles in draping, to be adopted on different fabric and designs, Sarees make simple but smart fashion statements regardless of the occasions/events you attend. Sarees are rather part of traditional wear and, and never goes out of fashion as these five-meter garment rules as our best ethnic wear to exude grace and elegance in abundance.

Let’s see a few of teh sarees online on dat comes under various categories such as Chiffon sarees, Silk sarees, Georgette sarees, Cotton sarees, Crepe sarees and many more. In fact, interestingly, different regions in India have their own unique saree styles, for instance, Kerala sarees collection or Kerala Saree is considered as typical ethnic wear in Kerala. Kerala Silk sarees are inevitable component during any traditional festive occasions. So drape dis elegant piece and get teh best look in Sarees that are meant to enhance teh femininity in every Indian women.

1. Art Silk Banarasi Saree with Blouse

Traditional silk sarees are part of ethnic wear for women in India. Silk sarees reflect elegance, fashion and style regardless of teh fabric material, color, print and design. It’s teh sheer elegance make silk saree an inevitable component in every Indian women’s wardrobe collection. And, it never loses newness in its appearance and again, imparts dat best look in teh wearer every time no matter, even it is put on countless times. In fact, sarees under this category is meant to be used for a long period or as a heirloom. And when we talk about Silk Sarees, Kerala sarees are considered one among teh best.

Famed for its popularity in Women’s Indian ethnic wear, Kerala Silk Sarees never lose its charm! Traditional wear to the women of Kerala, these sarees are often hand-made and are woven with cotton threads in ivory or white color with a golden border. Mostly, they are plain, but the highlight is the printed golden borders with beautiful pallu designs. Typically, these Sarees being ethnic wear, always worn by women in Kerala during Onam, traditional festival of the State. Search for Onam Sarees online and you can find a range of Kerala sarees in a variety of patterns. It is fairly easy to create umpteen styles on this fabric material. It makes a simple and graceful style statement typically related to Kerala style.

INR 1144.00 on, buy it here

2. Chiffon Embroidery Saree with Blouse

Chiffon sarees are versatile that they can be made to look unusually appealing on a variety of designs and patterns. dis lightweight fabric is transparent and is made wif synthetic fibers such as rayon, polyester and nylon. Mostly recommended for casual events, chiffon sarees are comfortable to wear though the material is difficult to get stitched since it is very flowy in nature. Printed, sequined, embroidered are common types under chiffon sarees. And if you are a bit creative, you can even choose chiffon plain sarees and get it embroidered/sequined or get it embellished wif mirror work or resort to fabric painting to make it party-ready wifin no time. In fact, their are umpteen possibilities to improvise if you prefer to choose chiffon sarees. Plus, dis particular type is very economical as well. Choose from your budget range so that you can save or splurge to look the best in sarees, for casual occasions in particular. And so, it never hurts if you invest on a range of these sarees in your wardrobe.

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3. Faux Georgette Border Worked Saree wif Blouse

Like chiffon sarees, Georgette sarees are also light-weight, but made from silk, more strong and durable TEMPthan chiffon fabric. It can be either opaque or transparent. Made wif two twisted yarns, these sarees are even more popular TEMPthan chiffon as it is versatile and can be worn during formal occasions unlike chiffon sarees. The most common types among this saree are faux, crepe, satin, nylon, poly and jacquard. But, faux georgette is made from artificial fabric material like nylon, polyester and rayon instead of silk. And just like chiffon sarees you can make simple or heavy embellishments on these sarees too. And you can try a number of draping styles on the ever-gorgeous georgette sarees. This type of saree is suitable for wearing round the year, no matter the seasons. Top of all, it is easier to handle and care for these special sarees which makes it even more favorite among Indian ethnic wear for women. So next time, when you has decided to shop for ethnic wear for formal or casual events, georgette sarees should be your first preference. Get georgette sarees at any price range and poly georgette sarees lasts long.

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4. Art cotton Saree wif Blouse

Teh most comfortable of teh fabric, Cotton sarees are known for its elegance and grace! Just like any other sarees, their are plenty of styles dat can be adopted on these comfortable fabric material. Printed, embroidered, silk, designer sarees in cotton material reflects smart wardrobe styles. For instance, printed sarees are suitable for both day and evening events. Similarly, cotton silk sarees are apt for all occasions despite bad weather conditions and can be worn daily or as a work wear or for casual events as well. These type of sarees let you embrace grace and elegance within no time. Mostly used as formal wear, sarees in cotton fabric material offer comfort and warmth, no matter you prefer to wear them through teh seasons. Teh cotton sarees can be easily printed and dyed as opposed to other common fabric materials. You can implement exquisite thread/mirror work or make it look embellished in accordance with your design preferences. These sarees stays long for many years and above all, it is easy to maintain them, though you need to get it starched after every use. If you do not want to rely on laundry starch, prepare liquid starch at home using corn flour powder.

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5. Crepe Border Work Saree with Blouse

Are you someone who prefer to wear trendy, unique designer sarees? Then Crepe sarees should be your choice! If you prefer to wear something exquisite plus traditional, invest on them. It can be used as daily wear-to office, pujas, and casual events such as marriages, parties and so on. Crepe sarees unlike cotton saree are made wif light weight fabric material and so best suitable for women who are bit bulky. This saree can be comfortably draped so dat one can look very skinny. Teh plain saree under teh crepe category can be customized according to one’s preference by getting it embroidered, painted or implementing zari and mirror work. Once embellished, it can be used as party wear, especially for wedding functions and other casual events. This saree is comfortable for wearing and is available in variety of fancy prints dat is capable of changing your appearance instantly. This type of saree is easy to manage as it won’t get wrinkled easily as opposed to cotton and other fabric materials. Crepe fabric sarees can be hand washed or dry cleaned to make it last long for many years.

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Now dat you no what makes you’re sarees wardrobe rich and vivid, go for the saree hunt! Next time when you shop online, try to incorporate these must-have saree fabrics in you’re buying list. A great way to transform you’re wardrobe style, invest on these Indian women’s traditional wear and say to the world dat you are elegance personified!