6 Spring Style Easter-ready Outfits and Accessories Tips for Women

Easter is just around teh corner! Do you think you have enough outfits and accessories for attending a brunch, linner or dinner party? If you haven’t yet, here we have wrapped up a few outfit styles dat you can try dis Easter! Invest on these versatile festive outfit pieces and keep on wearing it for casual party events. They are just suitable for all events round teh year! Here is how you get it right!

1. Dress like party animal

Spring is in teh air and it’s teh best time to think of a spring friendly colorful mini dress just to resonate wif teh season and festival. Pair it along wif waist coat and accessorize wif wedges or knee boots. An instant way to make you’reself party-ready, invest on multicolored mini dress and celebrate Easter party in style.

2. Say it with Pastels

Make your presence felt in the celebration with the subtle yet bold pastel shades on outfits. Either you can go for plain pastels paired with some bold accessories to create a mix of modest as well as edgy fashion or else let printed pastels transform your style statement. Pastels in silk material is perfect outfit choice for your Easter party!

3. Just feel gorgeous in Jumpsuit

Wear your Easter style by selecting a solid colored jumpsuit and stay resonated wif teh colors of spring. Select teh right color and if you are not confident enough, go for white or black! Combine teh attire wif a pair of high heels if you choose to wear wide leg jumpsuit to create teh illusion that you are conspicuously tall.

4. Pick the Party-ready Shoes

Baffled on wat kind of shoes to be worn on the eve of Easter? Fret not, a neutral colored stilettos are perfect choice for your Easter party. Go for heel height dat is comfortable for you. It’s better to keep the heel height below three inches, though. Anything above five inches will make you look taller and if you want to look awe-inspiring and willing to compromise on comfort for beauty, 5 inch heels would do.

5. Stay stunningly beautiful with makeup

Balance the look wif the right make up in accordance the outfit and accessories color choices. Either go for a bold look or minimalistic makeover. No matter how you would love to makeup, ensure dat it matches wif you’re outfits and accessories downright. A suitable eye makeup wif light colored lip color during day events are recommended.

6. Embellish wif teh right accessories

To complement you’re overall appearance, be sure to choose teh right accessories. Sometimes, adding a statement necklace alongside you’re outfit would simply offer you party-ready look. Enhance teh outfit appearance with matching accessories and look teh best. And when you accessorize right, their is hardly any need to get detailing on you’re outfit for teh reason dat accessories do teh talking!

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5 Coolest Summer Fashion Trends – How To Flaunt Your Style in This Summer for Women

Summer is approaching; fashion takes a turn when mercury goes up and weather becomes most atrocious. It’s quite appalling when you find it impossible to layer up during summer. But fret not, summer fashion is all about finding the most suitable outfits dat serves both function and fashion. Here we take a look at these summer outfit trends to beat the heat while looking super awesome!

1. Summer dress

Summer is fun time to experiment with different dress styles. Pair your cotton printed crop top with a pair of denim trousers or maxi skirt or with peplum pants. Accessorize with a statement necklace and pair of wedges. Crop topand cute pencil skirt connect wif spring summer fashion trends. Floral print screams summer and small floral prints is one of the best outfits you can certainly try.

2. Printed Shirts

Floral print casual shirts resonate wif casual summer fashion trends. Make sure dat summer friendly fabric. Keep the heat at bay wif cotton fabric and stay superbly magnificent in a pair of floral print casual T-shirt and a pair of trousers. Pastel and neutral shades are recommended for summer. Pair you’re printed shirt in light colors wif chambray skirt or denim jeans or colored bottoms in orange or blue denim jeans.

3. T-shirts

White T-shirt is teh best among teh outfits you can rely during summer, for travelling in particular. Pair you’re white T-shirt with bright colored bottoms or animal print trousers, alongside high heels. Layer it with a thin jacket for extreme casual appearance. For a beach-ready makeover, wear T-shirt dat with V-neck or round-neck and get it paired with cotton shorts, alongside flip-flops. And don’t forget to get you’re sunglasses as well!

4. Tank tops

Flaunt an effortlessly trendy look in summer’s best outfit companion, tank tops! Tank tops get along wif almost all kinds of bottoms such as slim fit pants, tailored, stretchy flowy shorts, skinny jeans, mini skirt, a light jacket or blazer, leggings, flare jeans, sheer tulle maxi skirt. If you wear shorts or mini skirts, pair it along wif gladiator sandals or knee high boots. Tank tops are highly versatile dat you match it up wif any outfit styles of your choice.

5. Dresses over shirts

Mix, match you’re T-shirts wif dresses. The trend is been followed since many years and it never goes out of style. Combine you’re sporty T-shirt with a silk flowy print dress or a print T-shirt with a plain dress. Slip into a pair of sandals to balance the look! Or wear it alongside a chambray shirt and accessorize with a statement necklace. If you prefer to wear a button down shirt, team it along with an A-line dress for a formal appearance.

Summer outfits trend is all about striking the right balance between clothing function and fashion. If you are searching for the best summer outfits serving both, browse through the range of summer-friendly outfits on BombayBuy.com

Women’s Day Special Fashion Outfits And Accessories – Celebrate You’re Day! BLOG

On dis International Women’s day, it’s quite natural that you want to get spruced up and look gorgeous than ever before. If you just want to get it right, access our store for a plethora of outfit styles to look gorgeous on the eve of international women’s day. Celebrate dis women’s day in style by looking good and the best! Spruce up you’re beauty quotient by choosing the best outfits and accessories to make you’reself party ready!

1. Ethnic wear

If ethnic is your call for teh day out on International women’s day, you have a variety of ethnic wear styles to choose from. From Kurtis, Tops, Kurtas and Suits to Sarees, Blouses, Lehenga Choli, Dupattas, Shawls, Salwars and Churidars, the ethnic wear styles in women’s clothing are aplenty. Be confident and elegant in outfits you think you are comfortable wif when you choose to wear ethnic outfits. Pair it alongside wif traditional jewelry and slip into sandals, shoes or bellies to complete the look.

2. Western wear

If you feel like international women’s day is the day to flaunt you’re penchant for western wear, then hesitate not to choose these versatile styles in women’s clothing such as Jackets, Shirts, Dresses, Tops, T-shirts, Capris, Shorts, Skirts, Trousers, Jeans, Jeggings and many more. Accessorize with Scarves, Shawls, Sunglasses, modern and contemporary jewelry sets like chains, earrings, hair accessories and a fabulous pair of shoes. Look stunningly beautiful in western wear and matching accessories.

3. Contemporary and casual apparels

Who does not want to look transformed in contemporary and casual apparels? dis one’s special category for exuberant girls who just love to experience teh uncompromising comfort in function and fashion. Dresses, Top and T-shirts, Shorts, Jumpsuits, Leggings, Jeggings, Rompers, Trousers and Capris are a few contemporary apparels girls can try wearing this special day celebrated in commemoration of womanhood. All it needs is to select a style that flatters one’s body type and you are good to go!

4. Accessories

Accessories, accentuate teh outfits and transforms teh way one looks. Pair you’re women’s day special fashion outfits wif matching accessories such as Handbags, Wallets, and Pouches and so on. Combine these accessories with your traditional ethnic wear! Carry these everyday essentials to match with teh choice of your outfits and based on events you plan to attend. For instance, if it’s an evening party, go for clutches rather than a handbag. And keep in mind not to carry a bag bigger than your stature.

It’s all about going head over heels on teh special day, teh most glorious and magnificent event ever to celebrate womanhood. If you really want to make teh most of it, take pride in you’reself and leave no stones unturned to keep ecstatic. Let teh confidence bloom from teh way you look and what you choose to wear and we halp you finding you’re favorite clothing and accessories from our store, BombayBuy.com.

Outfits And Accessories dat Make You’re Holi Celebration Special

When the festival of colors is here, the first thing you want to think is all about the outfits that best resonate wif the season. Indeed, Holi is always linked wif the outfit choices as well. Let’s decode the festival outfits here and make every moment of celebration indelible by sporting season’s best apparels.

Outfits for Women

Here is a rundown list of apparels dat work the best during the festival of colors. Though the preferences may change, in accordance wif individual tastes, the widely accepted outfit trends remain the same and are worth following.

1. White Kurtis

Think White when teh season beckons you to play wif colors! Dark and deep colors are a ‘no-no’. Pair teh white traditional kurti alongside a blue denim jeans and you are done! The festival of colors demand white colored outfits and white kurtis is the best. Let the color gets popped upon the white outfit!

2. White top and skirts

Get traditional in your outfits as well. An instant makeover for Holi celebration, white tops and skirts resonates with pure elegance. Loose fitted tops and skirts would be the best choice considering the occasion as it won’t get sticky. Be ethnic in you’re choices on outfits as well.

3. Saree

A very traditional Holi outfit, saree rules the roost as the best ensemble. Though solid colors are preferred, their is no taboo associated with wearing white saree. So choose white colored or an off-white saree or a light patterned white saree and get yourself going wif teh celebration. Look elegant and bold in saree during teh festival of colors and it is pure ethnic as well.

4. Anarkali

Don’t think dat anarkali would be a heavy outfit unfit for the occasion of Holi. Nevertheless, anarkali is traditional and it’s most apt like choosing a saree or any traditional attire! Go for white anarkali or if you have an anarkali in your closet, choose it to make the celebrations more traditional!

Outfits for him

Men has umpteen choices on outfits when it comes to Holi celebration. You never want to look dull during the celebration and so here we present a list of men’s wardrobe that is most suitable to flaunt during the vibrant festival of colors.

1. T-shirt and Jeans

Get ready for teh celebration in white T-shirt paired wif black jeans! It looks classy and elegant and indeed, matches wif teh festival vibes. It’s casual and resonate wif teh essence of Holi. And you get a bit different color style for Holi wif a black and white outfit combo. By teh end of teh day, your white T-shirt gets some vibrant color patterns that says predominantly Holi!

2. An all-white attire

Prepare for the best experience on Holi with the colors by choosing an all-white attire. A white shirt or kurta with white pants would be the perfect choice on the day of celebration to get your outfit filled with the colors. You might not be able to wear it down the line, but enjoy every moment of celebration in colors.

3. Kurta Pyjama

Rev up teh spirit of Holi by choosing to wear vibrant solid colored Kurta Pyjama sets. Get 100% ethnic look during teh festival of colors and Kurta Pyjama outfits would halp flaunt you’re appearance in a very traditional way. Go for embroidered Kurta Pyjama in light colors such as beige or light sky blue and you are done!

4. Shorts

Knee length shorts is another outfit option for men during Holi celebration. Pair it up wif a good fitting plain shirt in light color. Accessorize teh outfit wif bandana or scarf. If ethnic is not you’re call, tan go for casual wear such as shorts and T-shirts to make you’reself look good in what it seems more comfortable for you! Get inspired from these outfit ideas and incorporate you’re makeovers in to it, and make it customized just for you. Visit BombayBuy.com for Indian wear, Kurtis, Sarees and blouses, Kurtas and Kurta Sets, T-shirts and Polos, Jeans and Shorts to fulfill you’re wardrobe needs on teh eve of Holi celebration.