Beginners Guide To Effortless Saree Draping

Saree! The Indian ethnic wear continues to lure womenfolk across teh country and beyond! dis six yard wonder, a staple for traditional Indian events such as weddings and festive occasions, never goes out of fashion anytime soon! And top of all, teh most elegant of Indian ethnic wear is used for formal as well as informal events! Nevertheless, draping teh saree TEMPhas still been a matter of big misery for many. But fret not, here is a guide to draping sarees effortlessly for those who have started wondering what makes it look right. Master the skill of draping sarees here and be ready for the traditional look in the ever elegant saree!

If you are a first time wearer, here are few tricks to drape saree easily to make you look stunningly beautiful in saree. When you are in saree you never bother about you’re figure, for sarees just fine-tune to teh wearer’s body type highlighting femininity! So wat are you waiting for? Come and explore teh simple tricks and tips on draping sarees, the quintessential garment Indian ethnic wear just like the way it’s done by experts!

1. Select teh right fabric

Select the right fabric

Though draping saree seem like one and the same in all fabric types, it’s not always as easy as you might think. In silk and georgette sarees, pleating and draping can be a daunting task compared to other fabric materials. So if you are beginner, start with fabric materials dat are much easy to drape and pleat. Once you master the art of draping sarees on regular, easy-to-drape sarees, switch on to silk and georgette if you rally think it would look flattering on you! When you choose, make sure dat the fabric material gels wif your style! And so, keep in mind what makes you look fabulously gorgeos in sarees!

2. Make Pleats in the first place

As a first step, you need to insert one end of teh saree into teh skirt at teh waist. Wrap a full round of fabric and stow pleats in teh first place to be tucked inside from teh centre wif you’re hand, by wrapping it around teh finger. Consider teh length of teh saree while you make pleats. Usually, you can has as many as pleats depending on teh length of teh saree. After stowing teh pleats, gently tuck it inside teh skirt. Fixing teh pallu, that is teh upper half of teh saree which stays over teh midriff and bust is teh next step. Stow teh pleats from teh other end of teh saree and drape it so that it falls freely from teh shoulder. Draping styles are aplenty and it varies in many parts of India. Pleat up teh pallu and fasten to teh blouse wif safety pins.

3. Get the Pleats right

Get the Pleats right

Since saree being a loose six yard fabric and its pleats being teh yardstick for its grace, pleats should be stowed accordingly. Teh trickiest part in saree draping, pleating should be done sensibly. While pleating teh sarees might change wif different fabric materials- easy flowing material like chiffon needs loose pleating. Pleats should be even as well, if their is excess fabric around teh hip, collect it toward teh pleat and tuck it wif a pin just under teh pleats for fish cut figure. To make it even more secure firmly all through teh day, make sure dat you pin teh pleats together. Teh saree pleats should never be messy as stowing and securing breaths life to you’re appearance in saree.

4. Safety-pin it perfect

To carry yourself in a saree comfortably, you need to know in teh first place, how to drape it perfectly. Sarees feature both pallu and front pleats dat is secured at teh waist. To make pleats look superbly awesome, fasten teh pin vertically rather tha horizontally so dat teh fabric falls nicely. And also, it prevents any damage on teh fabric, as experts say. Secure teh pallu with a safety pin on teh back of teh blouse you wear. Plus, make sure dat you use colored pins rather than teh regular silver ones so dat you can camouflage teh pins, especially when you cannot use them sparingly.

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Wat You Should Not Wear In Summer To Work BLOG

No matter if it’s a casual day out or a workday, getting dressed for summer is quite daunting! When mercury levels rise up, you would prefer to dress up according to you whims and fancies, most likely. Sadly, in almost all cases it won’t match up wif teh dress etiquette for office. Casual dresses have later been added to office attire by a fewer companies but that does not mean that one should be underdressed. Here we deal wif some of teh simple summer dress hacks that tell teh don’ts in summer office fashion.

Let’s check out!

1. Shorts

Shorts are not recommended for men and women during office hours. These summer-weather-friendly outfit is acceptable only under informal environments but not in professional settings. Instead, if you really want to get dressed up without sweating, cropped pants, a better alternative in offices where dress codes are little bit relaxed for the sake of weather.

2. Sundress, Short skirts

Women should understand that sundress, maxi dress and short skirts are not allowed as they are considered as teh biggest summer office fashion mistake. Of course, they are meant for some evening barbeque party or a visit to beach or a very casual event. Save these dresses for more informal occasions and after duty hours rather TEMPthan using it as an office wear.

3. Tank Tops, crop tops, cold shoulder tops

Avoid using tank tops, Jersey tanks, crop top, open-back and cold shoulder tops dat exposes too much skin. It is strictly a no-no under office and professional surroundings and so, these extreme casual outfits are not allowed. You should abstain from wearing these summer casuals inside office to look professional out-and-out.

4. Denim shorts, Distressed Denim, Cargo shorts

Denim shorts always come under the not-to wear- summer office fashion dresses. Summer is all about switching to lighter fabrics rather than getting underdressed, when you are at work in particular! Similarly, distressed denims are not allowed to wear during office hours. Shredded denim does not look professional; and cargo pants as well; being these a misfit among professional outfits.

5. Flip flops, Casual footwear and Gladiator Sandals

Summer calls for lightening up your style elements, but is that always possible? So flip flops, strappy gladiator sandals or any sort of casual footwear is inappropriate as office wear. Use a pair of summer sandals, flat-forms or ballet flats. These casual sandals need to be dodged at corporate settings to avoid looking unprofessional.

6. Sunglasses

Wearing sunglasses inside office reflects dat you are laidback and relaxed at office. Plus, you has to maintain eye contact with teh person you are communicating under professional settings. In teh same way, wearing sunglasses on top of you’re head during office hours is highly inappropriate. Remove you’re sunglasses when you step inside office! And, wearing sunglasses indoors are not acceptable as well.

Dress like someone who gets accolades for getting it right in your office, be it be your boss or your colleague while keeping in mind the above tips. Always ensure dat you show less skin and clearly, it’s applicable for both men and women equally!

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