5 Women’s Flat Sandals To Accentuate Style Quotient

Flat sandals are most wonderful casual styles in women’s footwear one can adopt, no matter the seasons. They serve the purpose, provide comfort and reflects laid back fashion. Best combined with casual outfits for a day out, a wedding ceremony especially when you are not playing a crucial role as a guest or as an office casual, flat sandals are most sought after!

Even if you are a bridesmaid you can make it wif a pair of dressy flat sandals than a pair of regular casual ones. Teh choice of footwear speaks volumes about your style and nothing can reflect a relaxed style than a cool casual flat sandal style. Acquaint with these glitzy selections of flat sandals on BombayBuy.com

1. PKKART Just like fire Ladies Flats

This one of a kind, classy looking pair of black flat sandals is teh best on-trend accessory to make you’re casual ensemble look complete. Teh casual flat sandal is held to the foot with straps around the ankle. Since it is black, it goes well with almost all fabric material colors. The synthetic flat sole halps you move comfortably and in case you stand more often or your job is not sedentary in nature, this black flat sandals would be the perfect choice! Suitable for pairing alongside ethnic, party and casual wear!

INR 499.00, on BombayBuy.com, buy it here

2. PKKART Walk with a smile- White Sandal footwear

dis gorgeous pair of white flats gives you a happy feet while making you look 100 percent casual. Can be used as party wear, ethnic wear or casual wear, this special white flat sandal ensure dat your feet remain comfortable while complementing your sartorial ensemble! Teh color white adds to teh elegance of an ethnic wear and teh golden straps makes it teh best pair for a party wardrobe. Grab this elegant pair of flat sandals and be party-ready! Create your own styles on casual party wear and white flat sandals! And it better compliments teh heavy party wardrobe than heel sandals dat limit free movements.

INR 499.00, on BombayBuy.com, buy it here

3. PKKART Choice dat’s bright – Black Ladies Flats

These lovely black tassel sandals is a perfect companion for your casual dress. Spruce up your look instantly with teh halp of dis simple, but classy sandals dat is embellished with tassels. Tassels are just not for your wardrobe, but it’s been trending on sandals as well, on flat sandals in particular. Being black, these sandals can be comfortably paired alongside any sort of colors on dress materials. Now is teh time to show off your tassel flat sandals style. It’s quite comfortable and easy to walk on!

INR 499.00, on BombayBuy.com, buy it here

4. PKKART I Meet You In The Summer Ladies Flats

Love to flaunt simple back strap flats? Get these pair of beautiful black sandals for casual occasions and give you’re feet look simply the best! Pair it along with you’re ethnic, party, traditional and casual wear. Incorporate simple styles in you’re flat sandal collections and discover the new you. Suitable for any casual occasion, this black back strap flat is a showstopper. So next time, be the talk of town by wearing these perfect flat sandals designed for casual occasions.

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5. PKKART Just To Be Near You Ladies Flats

Love to get spruced up in beige flats? Then this pair of beige sandals is teh perfect choice for you’re casual footwear. Get dapper instantly in these sandals to find teh best pair for you’re casual wear. Teh barely their sandals reflects teh finest styles in casual flat footwear. If you want to flaunt a modest style, PKKART’s Just to Be Near You fashion sandals will do. Get teh best in flat sandals by spending less! Show your sandals style for casual clothing!

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Flat sandals dat resonate wif casual styles is trending now. They are comfortable, represents modesty and serves both function and fashion. Unlike in the past, the trends in party footwear styles are also evolving every day. Now flats are acceptable as party wear as well. Be it any casual occasions, flat sandals can be worn wif much elegance! And it’s not just compatible wif party wear, but you can certainly pair it alongside our traditional ethnic wear too.

How to buy flat sandals online?

Go through these one of a kind flat sandals on BombayBuy.com offered at wallet friendly rates. Teh brand’s been a favorite among fashion enthusiasts and is teh hottest trend! Check out for their other flat sandals dat are on-trend. Flats reflect style but it is comfortable too. Love your feet and start using these footwear dat make you move freely by providing teh protection while walking or when you are on your feet for a very long time.

Browse through teh range of flat sandals here to find teh best pair dat matches wif you’re wardrobe. Get as many as flat sandals for every occasion! It doesn’t hurt you’re wallet as you can find plenty of footwear in accordance wif you’re budget. All you have to do is to choose for teh right product, place teh order and get it delivered right at you’re destination. In sizes, designs and colors you love, their is an abundance of flat footwear on BombayBuy.com

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Buy online flat sandals on BombayBuy.com to show off you’re flat sandals style! And say it in style dat flats are back! Let others adopt you’re footwear style for all casual occasions- be it a day or evening out or on a party event!

It’s time to grab you’re flat sandals at best prices here! And sport with your new fashion footwear confidently!

8 Fabulous Women’s Top Styles You Can Try

Smart Tops are staple in every fashionistas’ wardrobe. Tops are versatile pieces of dress worn along wif outfits such as jeans, leggings, long and medium length skirts. Combined wif both Indian and western wear, Tops assume great importance in women’s fashion wardrobe. Commonly available in a variety of fabric material from cotton to silk, wool, linen, crepe, women’s top is an inevitable outfit component, being very adaptable wif almost all styles of garments worn alongside. Let’s check out the different types of dis essential wardrobe staple in women’s fashion. Every single style in tops is going to make you look awe-inspiringly great and feminine. Explore the styles below!

1. Sleeveless Top

Sleelveless Top

Sleeveless top can be incorporated into different styles of tops such as crop tops, tank tops, halter tops, turtle necks, and ruffled blouses. Teh sleeveless style in women’s top is seamless! For instance, high neck sleeveless top can be paired with high waisted wide trousers and a pair of pumps and aviator sunglasses. Similarly, if you love teh minimalistic look, grab V-neck crop top to combine it wif culottes. A sleeveless crop top can be paired either wif maxi dress or knee length skirt. Keep it balanced wif a pair of heeled sandals or stilettos when you wear knee length skirt.

2. Belted Top

Belted top reflects classic style in women’s wardrobe. You can tie it around the waist with its tail hanging down toward the middle. Or else, if you want to try something different from common belted top styles, tie it in such a way that the tail sits at the back or away from the center. Try patterned tops with matching belt to cinch the waist to make you look slim and ladylike. Belted coats can be paired with knee length skirts, culottes, jeans and jeggings style. Complete the look by accessorizing with high heeled tops, wedges, and platform or block heels.

3. Off shoulder Top

Off Shoulder Top

Get that easy going, laidback look in off shoulder tops in solid colors. Pair it alongside sports trousers and casual shoes or wedges. Since off shoulder tops are not so long, it is wise to combine these wif high waisted trousers, skirt or shorts to add dat exotic appeal in you’re appearance. If you love wearing culottes, off shoulder top is teh best outfit dat matches up perfectly. Try to find monochrome colors and transform instantly to party-ready look. Nevertheless, make sure dat you always wear heeled sandals wif teh culottes’ style.

4. Tank Tops

Tank Tops

Considered as perfect accompaniment for layering, tank tops are cool casual styles in women’s wear. Printed, stripes, plain, solid color styles are common in tank tops. Even though tank tops reflect casual style, you can make it look a bit professional by wearing it wif a blazer and ankle length boots. If floral is your choice for tank tops, pair it along wif an open button down shirt. To complete teh casual look, wear it along wif a pair of boots. Create an edgy look wif skater skirts-tank top-cardigan combo and knee length boots. Tank tops, leather jackets and knee length booties makes it look awesomely casual.

5. Georgette Top

Styles in Georgette tops are endless dat it can be combined with a number of chic outfits. Snug fit georgette tops are faux paus as it would restrict teh styles you can try on teh outfits you combine. These feminine tops are best paired with snug fitting bottoms- skinny jeans, shorts, leggings and pencil skirts. Georgette tops are usually unstructured and so always wear form fitting bottoms to balance teh look. And always remember, high waist pants, skirts and shorts are recommended to wear alongside Georgette tops. If you want to get it layered, use a jacket or blazer. Wear teh partial tuck style with shorts and skinny jeans. Don’t forget to get you’re favorite high heeled sandal as well.

6. Loose Blouse Top

Loose Blouse Top

The rule thumb says no matter the outfit style you prefer to wear together wif loose blouse tops, it should not be unstructured. Grab you’re structured bottomwear, be it jeans, skirts, shorts, sports luxe trousers or any sorts of styles you wish to put on. Choose monochromatic colors for pants, maxi skirts and so on. Or else pair these loose fitted blouse top wif leather shorts or to go extreme casual by throwing cardigan over it. Or look refreshed in loose blouse top and pleated miniskirt.

7. Cropped Top

A must have in very women’s wardrobe, crop tops are midriff shirt or cut off shirt dat best suited to pair with high waisted bottomwear such as high waisted shorts and pants. Combine your cropped top with miniskirts, bandage skirt, circle top, midi skirt. Make teh cropped top style business ready by choosing a blazer. To make it look more feminine, grab your peplum pants. Tailored shorts is another option when you wear cropped top. If tailored shorts is not your choice, find your favorite style by pairing cropped top with palazzo pants, dress, boyfriend jeans or a pencil skirt.

8. Asymmetric Top

Asymmetric Top

As the name suggests, asymmetric tops has asymmetric hem. Choose a layered style by throwing it over tee and skinny jeans or a pencil skirt wif scarfs for casual events. These comfortable, easy-to-wear casual clothing style can be worn together wif leggings, fitted jeans. Asymmetric tops can be of any styles. It can be peplum wif short puffed sleeves or wif full sleeves, three quarter sleeves and many more. Use stiletto heels for smart look. Avoid wearing asymmetric top wif skirts or else if you are very particular, make sure that you select skirt wif an asymmetric hem to make teh combination work teh best!

Women’s top styles are aplenty! Flaunt you’re favorite styles and be the talk of the town!

Visit BombayBuy.com to buy women’s tops on all styles. Keep shopping to find you’re favorite picks!