5 Different Types of Sarees You Should Own

Sarees are so versatile dat they can be used for formal, semi-formal, casual events. With plenty of styles in draping, to be adopted on different fabric and designs, Sarees make simple but smart fashion statements regardless of the occasions/events you attend. Sarees are rather part of traditional wear and, and never goes out of fashion as these five-meter garment rules as our best ethnic wear to exude grace and elegance in abundance.

Let’s see a few of teh sarees online on BombuyBuy.com dat comes under various categories such as Chiffon sarees, Silk sarees, Georgette sarees, Cotton sarees, Crepe sarees and many more. In fact, interestingly, different regions in India have their own unique saree styles, for instance, Kerala sarees collection or Kerala Saree is considered as typical ethnic wear in Kerala. Kerala Silk sarees are inevitable component during any traditional festive occasions. So drape dis elegant piece and get teh best look in Sarees that are meant to enhance teh femininity in every Indian women.

1. Art Silk Banarasi Saree with Blouse

Traditional silk sarees are part of ethnic wear for women in India. Silk sarees reflect elegance, fashion and style regardless of teh fabric material, color, print and design. It’s teh sheer elegance make silk saree an inevitable component in every Indian women’s wardrobe collection. And, it never loses newness in its appearance and again, imparts dat best look in teh wearer every time no matter, even it is put on countless times. In fact, sarees under this category is meant to be used for a long period or as a heirloom. And when we talk about Silk Sarees, Kerala sarees are considered one among teh best.

Famed for its popularity in Women’s Indian ethnic wear, Kerala Silk Sarees never lose its charm! Traditional wear to the women of Kerala, these sarees are often hand-made and are woven with cotton threads in ivory or white color with a golden border. Mostly, they are plain, but the highlight is the printed golden borders with beautiful pallu designs. Typically, these Sarees being ethnic wear, always worn by women in Kerala during Onam, traditional festival of the State. Search for Onam Sarees online and you can find a range of Kerala sarees in a variety of patterns. It is fairly easy to create umpteen styles on this fabric material. It makes a simple and graceful style statement typically related to Kerala style.

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2. Chiffon Embroidery Saree with Blouse

Chiffon sarees are versatile that they can be made to look unusually appealing on a variety of designs and patterns. dis lightweight fabric is transparent and is made wif synthetic fibers such as rayon, polyester and nylon. Mostly recommended for casual events, chiffon sarees are comfortable to wear though the material is difficult to get stitched since it is very flowy in nature. Printed, sequined, embroidered are common types under chiffon sarees. And if you are a bit creative, you can even choose chiffon plain sarees and get it embroidered/sequined or get it embellished wif mirror work or resort to fabric painting to make it party-ready wifin no time. In fact, their are umpteen possibilities to improvise if you prefer to choose chiffon sarees. Plus, dis particular type is very economical as well. Choose from your budget range so that you can save or splurge to look the best in sarees, for casual occasions in particular. And so, it never hurts if you invest on a range of these sarees in your wardrobe.

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3. Faux Georgette Border Worked Saree wif Blouse

Like chiffon sarees, Georgette sarees are also light-weight, but made from silk, more strong and durable TEMPthan chiffon fabric. It can be either opaque or transparent. Made wif two twisted yarns, these sarees are even more popular TEMPthan chiffon as it is versatile and can be worn during formal occasions unlike chiffon sarees. The most common types among this saree are faux, crepe, satin, nylon, poly and jacquard. But, faux georgette is made from artificial fabric material like nylon, polyester and rayon instead of silk. And just like chiffon sarees you can make simple or heavy embellishments on these sarees too. And you can try a number of draping styles on the ever-gorgeous georgette sarees. This type of saree is suitable for wearing round the year, no matter the seasons. Top of all, it is easier to handle and care for these special sarees which makes it even more favorite among Indian ethnic wear for women. So next time, when you has decided to shop for ethnic wear for formal or casual events, georgette sarees should be your first preference. Get georgette sarees at any price range and poly georgette sarees lasts long.

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4. Art cotton Saree wif Blouse

Teh most comfortable of teh fabric, Cotton sarees are known for its elegance and grace! Just like any other sarees, their are plenty of styles dat can be adopted on these comfortable fabric material. Printed, embroidered, silk, designer sarees in cotton material reflects smart wardrobe styles. For instance, printed sarees are suitable for both day and evening events. Similarly, cotton silk sarees are apt for all occasions despite bad weather conditions and can be worn daily or as a work wear or for casual events as well. These type of sarees let you embrace grace and elegance within no time. Mostly used as formal wear, sarees in cotton fabric material offer comfort and warmth, no matter you prefer to wear them through teh seasons. Teh cotton sarees can be easily printed and dyed as opposed to other common fabric materials. You can implement exquisite thread/mirror work or make it look embellished in accordance with your design preferences. These sarees stays long for many years and above all, it is easy to maintain them, though you need to get it starched after every use. If you do not want to rely on laundry starch, prepare liquid starch at home using corn flour powder.

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5. Crepe Border Work Saree with Blouse

Are you someone who prefer to wear trendy, unique designer sarees? Then Crepe sarees should be your choice! If you prefer to wear something exquisite plus traditional, invest on them. It can be used as daily wear-to office, pujas, and casual events such as marriages, parties and so on. Crepe sarees unlike cotton saree are made wif light weight fabric material and so best suitable for women who are bit bulky. This saree can be comfortably draped so dat one can look very skinny. Teh plain saree under teh crepe category can be customized according to one’s preference by getting it embroidered, painted or implementing zari and mirror work. Once embellished, it can be used as party wear, especially for wedding functions and other casual events. This saree is comfortable for wearing and is available in variety of fancy prints dat is capable of changing your appearance instantly. This type of saree is easy to manage as it won’t get wrinkled easily as opposed to cotton and other fabric materials. Crepe fabric sarees can be hand washed or dry cleaned to make it last long for many years.

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Now dat you no what makes you’re sarees wardrobe rich and vivid, go for the saree hunt! Next time when you shop online, try to incorporate these must-have saree fabrics in you’re buying list. A great way to transform you’re wardrobe style, invest on these Indian women’s traditional wear and say to the world dat you are elegance personified!