4 Types of Trendy Shoes Every Man Should Own

According to basic human psychology we are all wired to glance at everyone’s feet before noticing anything else.  You can tell a lot about a guy by looking at their shoes. Whether it be casual or formal it sets up a prime tone for your entire attire and completes the look. Okay now time for a pop quiz, People notice what your wearing mainly shoes? True. By opting the right kind of shoes, you have more possibility of elevating your style? True. You may have an amazing outfit but unfortunately by choosing the wrong shoes you escalate a potential style statement to a style disaster? True.


Important things to consider

  1. You can’t build an entire shoes wardrobe in a day. It takes time and depends on how you know about yourself
  2. Understand the brands. Never buy anything cheap because it will wear out very fast


    1. Loafers
    1. Sneakers

The main objective of casual shoes is that they give out afriendly, cool and trendier vibe. The only thumb rule of casual shoes like loafers for men is that you can’t wearthem to everywhere. Simply saying, casual shoes for men are portrayed as the trendiest pair of shoes in your closetand you should take good care of them unless you can afford to buy them everyonce in a while. Be advised a good angle sock may do justice for them casualshoes as your naked feet can ruin the insides of the shoes. If you are pairingthem with DENIM you need to match it with your top as in match your shoe colorwith your shirt/T-shirt color.

  • Everyday shoes
    • Old casual shoes
    • Boots
    • Flip-flops

These are the ones which you wear every day and remember you may have the possibility of meeting the love of your life, so keep that in mind because old doesn’t mean worn out/damaged ones. The ones that have so much life in them but you have another trendier pair on the side. If it’s in the case of boots don’t go for that cowboy style, but something more subtle and by avoiding the high top. Finally flip-flops may seem like undervalue you in most situations but you can never go wrong with a simple pair without any logos and they are much more suited to arid climates. They give breathing room for our feet once in a while.

Four factors before buying your everyday shoes

Versatility, fashion, Durability, Comfort

  • Sport shoes
    • Inside shoes
    • Outside shoes

Inside shoes mainly are for GYM rats and a good shoes with a less flashy color does the job. Most people in the GYM aren’t concerned with fashion and their “fashion radars” are probably off there. The trick is to maintain them as new as possible as long as possible. Always go for a sober color. Go for the dark soles if choosing for outside shoes because of the varied terrains that will be rough on your shoes.

  • Formal shoes

a) Black formals

b) Brown formals

Every person needs to possess a Black formal leather shoe in his arsenal. Whetherits meetings or parties or any formal occasion you certainly need one of theseso called “Men’s formal shoes”. Soinvest in something that looks good with age. Owning a pair of Brown shoesprojects an image of “A person invests in his looks”, make sure you choose agood pair of oxfords. Avoid getting super shiny shoes and opt more of a mattefinish and uber luxurious men’s shoe brands (that is if you are ready to spend the dough). Seriously, the category of “Lookers” won’t wear black all thetime and definitely won’t own different colors of the same model shoes.

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